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From time to time I will drive home on one of the back roads. It’s lovely with rolling hills and open farm land for the first couple of miles. Even though winter is nearing it’s end we still have snow. The other day when I came that way the road was drifted in with snow and the wind kept the snow swirling in every direction. I drove slowly and cautiously. Then the road became completely clean and clear because there were pine trees and wooded areas lining both sides of the road. There was a “wind break”, a quiet, safe place that the trees provided. It made me think of the stately, wise, older saints at my church. Their wise and kind counsel have made a shelter for me over the years. They have made my “drifting” and “windy” moments stable and quiet again. My goal is to be that stately shelter for others as I age. (Proverbs 11:14, 15:22, 9:9)